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Robins’ Nest Counseling & Wellness Centers are South Jersey’s premier provider of mental health services.
With three office locations and over 50 clinicians, we are here to serve you!


We are proud of the services provided to our communities. Here are some comments shared by the people who have used the Robins’ Nest Counseling & Wellness Centers.

Counseling made me a better parent!
“Since coming to the Danellie Counseling Center, I have seen a dramatic change in my son. Four months ago, I wasn’t able to go out in public with him without embarrassing me. I couldn’t control him, or get him to listen to or obey the simplest of commands. Now, I can proudly say my son listens to me at home AND in public. Counseling has made me a better parent and it has brought me and my child closer together. I am truly thankful for my therapist.”
Robins' Nest Counseling Center Testimonial #1
We found peace!
“Robins’ Nest provided a safe place to discuss differences and problems at home in raising my granddaughter. Skills and understanding were both learned by myself and granddaughter and has helped greatly in everyday life at home. Help has been greatly appreciated by us both.”
Robins' Nest Counseling Center Testimonial #2
My kids love the staff!
“I absolutely praise all of the staff. I have never felt so safe and secure then when they are involved. My kids love them!”
Robins' Nest Counseling Testimonial #3

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