4 Tips to Manage Back to School Stress

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Whether you are a parent, student, caregiver, or teacher, the first day of school always brings happiness, excitement, and unfortunately, some added stress.  You finally feel adjusted to your summer routine, only to have it turned upside down when that alarm goes off on the first day. While the stressful elements of a new school year are inevitable, fortunately, there are ways to handle this stress and ensure that the transition from a summer of fun and relaxation to early morning wake-up calls and homework is seamless.

1. Plan ahead for the week.

Don’t let Monday morning sneak up on you.  Take some time during the weekend to plan out that week’s lunches and dinners, outfits for the week, and any activities or sporting events that may be taking place after school.

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2. Get everyone to bed on time. 

We know that sleep is important for kids, but busy adults often sacrifice a good night’s sleep so they can get other priorities done.  Don’t let your everyday tasks get in the way of your rest. Just as you do with kids, set a bedtime for yourself each night to ensure that you’re not losing out on much-needed sleep.

3. Talk to one another.

Keeping your thoughts and feelings inside may seem like your gut instinct, but talking to other parents can help to alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling heading into a new school year.  Try and make time to grab a coffee with another parent or just take a few minutes to talk to them at the bus stop about ways that you can work together to help make the school year easier on everyone.

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4. Make sure you are talking to your kids, too.

Adults certainly are not the only ones to feel the pressure of a new school year.  Kids feel it too, and may not be as forthcoming to talk about their feelings. Learn how to recognize stress in your children and make sure you sit down with them if you notice they are feeling particularly anxious, losing sleep, or not eating balanced meals.

If you feel as if your stress or your child’s stress is escalating throughout the school year, know that there is someone to turn to in your community.  The Robins’ Nest Counseling & Wellness Centers offer individual, group, and family therapy to children and adults of all ages. To learn more, call our toll-free number at 833-444-NEST (6378) or click below to make an appointment.  

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