July is Minority Mental Health Month

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Did you know that July is Minority Mental Health Month? Regardless of one’s race, gender, or family history, anyone has the potential to be affected by a mental health condition.  However, access to mental health treatment can be more difficult for certain populations based on their identity as well as ethnic and financial backgrounds. In 2008, National Minority Mental Health Month was established to help improve access to mental health treatment and services and promote public awareness of mental illness.

Nearly 38 percent of America’s population identifies themselves as a race or ethnicity other than white and non-hispanic. Mental health and substance use issues affect a significant percent of individuals who identify themselves as a minority, with 16.9 percent of African Americans, 26 percent of American Indians, and an alarming 28.1 percent of multiracial Americans suffering from a diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder.

While these numbers are high, unfortunately, minority populations are also faced with many barriers when it comes to seeking help for mental health treatment.  For many, insurance coverage prevents them from seeking treatment, as they may either be uninsured or underinsured. Many face the difficulty of a language barrier and may not be able to locate a therapist or mental health provider who speaks their native language.  Others may fail to seek treatment due to their cultural or religious beliefs and fear of being stigmatized by their friends or family.

It is important to our team that anyone suffering from a mental health condition has somewhere to turn to without the fear of barriers or additional challenges.  Our Counseling & Wellness Centers proudly accept Medicaid and insurance from many third party plans. We offer a variety of counseling services including both individual and group counseling so that individuals can choose the environment in which they feel most comfortable.  To learn more and make an appointment, head to “Our Services” page: www.robinsnestcounseling.org/our-services





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