Strengthening Our Veterans and Their Families

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Soldier in uniform

Robins’ Nest is well-known as a children and family services organization, but we here at Robins’ Nest Counseling Centers are proud to expand the services we provide to include services for those families who have served us all. We offer comprehensive counseling services for military members and their families that focus on the unique strengths and needs that many military families share while maintaining the individualized care we pride ourselves on. Our counseling centers located in both Salem, NJ and Glassboro, NJ offer a variety of evidence-based therapeutic services to assist military members, their spouses, and their children with a wide range of challenges while building on their already inherent strengths and resiliency.

While all service members and their families are welcome regardless of the challenges they face, Robins’ Nest recognizes that while returning from deployment is a joyous occasion, reintegration can come with some challenges as all family members experience a period of adjustment. For this reason, we offer counseling services to assist all family members throughout this transitional period.

Soldier and his daughter

For military members with young children, this may include the use of Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), which is an evidence-based practice that can help to enhance the relationship between returning veterans and their young children. This program allows opportunities for returning veterans to work with their partners to develop consistent parenting strategies for addressing any problematic behavior while simultaneously fostering a sense of connectedness and a strong bond between parent and child. For military members with older children, the services may include evidence-based practices, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Parent Management Training, and family therapy to address issues of separation and loss as well as the challenges that all parents face as children grow into adolescents.

In addition to our more family-centered counseling services, Robins’ Nest also offers individual therapeutic services for veterans and/or their spouses. These services can assist military members and their spouses with a wide variety of challenges, including anxiety, depression, and marital conflict. However, regardless of the specific type of services needed for the individual family, Robins’ Nest Counseling Centers are committed to ensuring that all of our services are client-centered, strength-based, goal-oriented, and are provided with respect, care, and compassion.

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